Two Lemko "Republics"

During the interwar period, the Lemkos, as many other East Central European peoples, formed national and regional councils as part of the process of self-determination. There were two such councils in the Lemko Region. In the east, a pro-Ukrainian council at Komancza/Komancha (Sanok county) attempted to unite the region with the Western Ukrainian People's Republic between November 1918 and January 1919. The western council's influence was somewhat longer lived. In December 1918 the Russophiles (later pro-Rusyn) council of Florynka (Grybow county) proclaimed the Lemko Rusyn People's Republic, and advocated union first with Russia, and when this proved to be geographically impossible, attempted union with the Rusyn inhabited Presov Region of eastern Slovakia. This Republic lasted only until March 1920 and like the efforts of the Komancha council, it failed to effect any political change for the Lemko Region which remained part of Poland.16

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