Root Seekers Guide To The Homeland

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The following list of Carpatho-Rusyn villages is based on the 1910 Hungarian census for the Presov Region and Subcarpathian Rus'; that is, villages located within what is today parts of Slovakia, Ukraine and Romania. The inhabitants of these villages had responded that their "mother tongue" (native language) was Rusyn. Data for the Lemko region, that is, villages located in what is today SE Poland, are based on the 1921 Polish census.

Each entry in this list includes the names of:

The name of the village in the main entry is given according to the official language of the country where it is presently located - that is, Polish for villages in the Lemko Region of Poland; Romanian in Romania; Serbo-Croatian in Croatia and Yugoslavia; Slovak in the Presov Region of Slovakia; Ukrainian in Subcarpathian Rus'.

The main entry is followed by name variants including Pre-1918 Hungarian names for villages south of the Carpathians; old Rusyn names that have later been altered; and the semi-official Ukrainian names for villages in the Presov Region, Romania, and the Lemko Region.

In order for a village to be included in this list - at least 50% of the inhabitants of the villages had to have claimed Rusyn as their mother tongue. In fact, most of the villages in this list had 70% or greater Rusyn-speaking inhabitants according to the 1910 Hungarian and 1921 Polish censuses.

There were during the first decades of the 20th century a total of 1,022 Carpatho-Rusyn villages. Based on present day boundaries, these villages are located:

It should also be pointed out that many Carpatho-Rusyns also lived in small town and cities just beyond the compact Rusyn ethnolinguistic boundaries. In these places Rusyns generally comprised only a small percentage of the inhabitants and for that reason - these villages do not appear on the list.

The following codes after the village name denote which language the various spellings come from.
[H]  = Hungarian spelling
[P]  = Polish Spelling
[Ro] = Romanian Spelling
[Ru] = Rusyn Spelling
[Sc] = Serbo-Croatian Spelling
[Sv] = Slovak Spelling
[U]  = Ukrainian Spelling
The names of the former counties and districts and their equivalents in Rusyn are as follow:

Hungarian       Rusyn

Marmaros        Maramaros
Sarys           Saros
Spis            Szepes
Srem            Szerem
Ugoca           Ugocsa
Uz              Ung
Zemplyn         Zemplen

Polish          Rusyn
------          --------
Gorlice         Gorlycky 
Grybow          Hrybov
Jaslo           Jaslo
Krosno          Krosno
Lisko           Lyysko
Nowy Sacz       Novyj Sanc
Nowy Targ       Novyj Torh

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Villages "G" thru "K"

                                        county or       Present
                                        Galician        administrative          Present
Village                                 district        subdivision             country


Abranka [H], [Ru], [U]                  Bereg           Volovec'                Ukraine
Abronscos  (see Obrucne)
Aklos  (see Uklyn)
Akna-Szlatina (see Solotvyna)
Alsoalmad  (see Nizna Jablonka)
Alsoapsa  (see Dibrova) 
Alsobaskocz  (see Baskovce)
Alsobistra  (see Nyznij Bystryj)
Alsocsebeny  (see Nizne Cabiny)
Alsodomonya  (see Domanynci)
Alsofenyves  (see Nizna Jedl'ova)
Alsogereben  (see Nyznja Hrabivnycja)
Alsohatarszeg  (see Nyznja Roztoka)
Alsohidekpatak  (see Nyznij Studeny)
Alsohimes  (see Nizna Pisana)
Alsohunkocz  (see Chonkovce)
Alsojedlova  (see Nizna Jedl'ova)
Alsokalinfalva  (see Kalyny)
Alsoakalocsa  (see Kolocava)
Alsokaraszlo  (see Zariccja)
Alsokomarnok  (see Nizny Komarnik)
Alsoladacs  (see Nizna Vladica)
Also-Ladiskoc  (see Nizne Cabiny)
Alsomerse  (see Nizny Mirosov)
Alsonemeti  (see Nizne Nemecke)
Alsoodor  (see Nizny Orlik)
Alsoorlich  (see Nizny Orlik)
Alsopagony  (see Nizna Polianka)
Alsopasztely  (see Behendjats'ka Pastil')
Alsopiszana  (see Nizna Pisana)
Alsopolyanka  (see Nizna Polianka)
Alsoremete  (see Nyzni Remety)
Alsosarad  (see Nyznje Bolotne)
Alsoszalank  (see Niznie Slovinky)
Alsoszelistye  (see Nyznje Selysce)
Alsoszinever  (see Synevyr)
Alsoszlatina  (see Nyznkja Solotvyna)
Alsoszlovinka  (see Niznie Slovinky)
Alsoszvidnik  (see Niznie Svidnik)
Alsotarocz  (see Nizny Tvarozec)
Alsovereczke  (see Nyzni Vorota)
Alsoveresmart  (see Mala Kopanja)
Alsovizkoz  (see Nizni Svidnik)
Alsoviznicze  (see Nyznja Vyznycja)
Alsovladicsa  (see Nizna; Vladica)

Andrejova [Sv], Andrijova [Ru, U]               Saros           Bardejov        Slovakia
        Endrevagasa [H]

Andrejovka [Sv], from 1850 to 1930
        and since 1961 part of Orlov

Andrijivka [U], Andrashaza [H];                 Ung             Uzhorod         Ukraine
        Andrasovci [Ru]

Andrzejowka [P], Andrejivka [Ru]                Nowy Sacz       Nowy Sacz       Poland
        Andrijivka [U], Adrivka [Ru]
        Jedrzejowka [P]

Antalovci [Ru U], Antalocz [H]                  Ung             Uzhorod         Ukraine

Apsycja  (see Vodycja)

Ardanove [U], Ardanhaza [H]                     Bereg           Irsava          Ukraine
        Ardanovo [Ru]

Ardovec'  (see Pidvynohradiv)

Arok  (see Jarok)

Astrjabik/Astrjabyk (see Jastrzebik)


                                                county or       Present
                                                Galician        administrative  Present
Village                                         district        subdivision     country


Babyci [Ru U], Babakut [H]                      Bereg           Mukacevo        Ukraine

Bachlowa [P], Bachljava [U], Bachlova [Ru]      Lesko           Krosno          Poland
Bacinci   - 611 Rusyns (35% of population)      Szerem                          Vojvodina

Bacovo  (see Chabanivka)

Bacskeresztur  (see Ruski Krstur)

Basco  (see Chabanivka)

Bagniste [P], Rudavka/Rodavka [Ru]              Sanok           Krosno          Poland
        Rudavka Jaslys'ka [U]
        Rudawka Jasliska [P]
        (ceased to exist after 1947)

Bagolyhaza  (see Bilasovycja)

Bajerovce [Sv], Bajerivci [Ru  U]               Saros           Presov          Slovakia
        Bajorvgs [H]

Balasovci [Ru, U], Ballosfalva [H]              Bereg           Mukacevo        Ukraine

Balazijeve  (see Kuz'myne)

Balazsavgas  (see Blazov)

Baligrit  (see Baligrod )

Baligrod - 161 Rusyns (13% of population)       Lesko                           Poland

Ballosfalva (see Balasovci)

Balnica [P], Balnycja [Ru], Bal'nycja [U]       Lesko           Krosno          Poland

Balnycja/Bal'nycja (see Balnica)

Balucianka [P], Balutjanka [U], Bavtjanka [Ru]  Sanok           Krosno          Poland

Balyhorod (see Baligrod)

Banica [P], Banycja [Ru, U]                     Gorlice         Nowy Sacz       Poland

Banica [P], Banycja [Ru, U]                     Grybow          Nowy Sacz       Poland

Banske [Sv], Banske [Ru], Bans 'ke [U]
        Banszka/Banyapataka [H]                 Zemplen         Vranov          Slovakia

Banszka (see Banske)

Banyafalfu (see Suskove)

Banysfolgy (see Duplin)

Banyapataka (see Banske)

Banycja (see Banica)

Baranya (see Baranynci)

Baranynci [Ru, U], Baranya [H]                  Ung             Uzhorod         Ukraine

Baratlak (see Rohoznik)

Barbovo (see Borodivka)

Bardhaza (see Borodivka)

Barkoczhaza (see Ruska Volova)

Barnabas (see Kostylivka)

Bartfalva (see Dorobratov)

Bartne [P, Ru], Bortne [Ru, U]                  Gorlice         Nowy Sacz       Poland

Barvinok (see Barwinek)

Barwinek [P], Barvinok [Ru, U]                  Krosno          Krosno          Poland

Baskocz (see Baskovce)

Baskovce [Sv], Alsobaskocz/Baskocz [H]          Ung             Michalovce      Slovakia

Batorhegy (see Krajna Bystra)

Bavtjanka (see Bakucianka)

Becherov [Sv], Becheriv [U], Behero/Biharo [H]  Saros           Bardejov        Slovakia

Bedevlja [Ru, U], Bedohaza [H]                  Maramaros       Tjaciv          Ukraine

Bednarka [P], Bodnarka [Ru, U]                  Gorlice         Nowy Sacz       Poland

Bedohaza (see Bedevlja)

Begindjatska Pastil' (see Behendjats'ka Pastil')

Behendjats'ka Pastil' [U], Alsopasztely {[H]
        Begindjats'ka Pastil' [Ru]              Ung             Velykyj Bereznyj        Ukraine

Behero (see Becherov)

Bekrip (see Vel'krop)

Belavezse (see Beloveza)

Belchivka/Belchowka (see Borgowka)

Belebovo (see Linturovycja)

Belejivci (see Belejovce)

Belejocz, see Belejovce

Belejovce [Sv] Belejocz [H], 
        Belejovce [Ru, U]                       Saros           Svidnik                 Slovakia

Beloveza [Sv], Belavezse [H], Biloveza [Ru, U]  Saros           Bardejov                Slovakia

Benadikovce [Sv], Benedekvagasa [H],
        Bendikoc [H], Benjadykivci [Ru],
        Benjadykivci [U]                        Saros           Svidnik                 Slovakia

Benatina [Sv], Benetine[H], Benjatyna [Ru, U],
        Vadaszfalva [H]                         Ung             Michalovce              Ukraine

Benedeki, see Benadikovce

Benedekvagasa, see Benadikovce

Benedykivci [U], Benedeki [H],
        Benedykovci [Ru]                        Bereg           Mukacevo                Ukraine

Benetine, see Benatina

Beniowa [P], Ben'ova [U]
        ceased to exist in 1947                 Turka           Krosno                  Poland

Benjadykivci, see Benadikovce

Bercsenyifalva, see Dubrynyc

Beregbardos, see Bukovec', Bereg

Beregbukkos, see Bukovynka

Beregfogaras, see Fogaras

Beregforras, see Rodnykivka

Bereghalmos, see Skurativci

Beregkisalmas, see Zaluzzja

Beregkisfalud, see Sil'ce

Beregkovesd, see Kamjans'ke

Beregleanfalva, see Lalove

Beregnagyalmas, see Jabluniv

Beregpalfalva, see Volovycja

Beregpapfalva, see Dilok

Beregrakos, see Rakosyn

Beregrosztoka, see Velyka Roztoka

Beregsarret, see Kal'nyk

Beregszasz, see Berehove

Beregszentmiklos, see Cynadijeve

Beregsziklas, see Scerbovec

Beregszilvas, see Kuz'myne

Beregszollos, see Lochove

Berehove - 221Rusyns (3% of population)         Bereg                                   Ukraine

Berehovo, see Berehove

Berehy Gorne/Horisne, see Brzegi Gorne

Berescajska Vola, see Wola Matiaszowa

Bereska, see Berezka

Berest [P, Ru, U]                               Grybow          Nowy Sacz               Poland

Berestiv, see Brestov nad Laborcem

Berezka [P, U] Bereska [P, Ru],
        Brzozka [P]                             Lesko           Krosno                  Poland

Berezki [P] Berezky [U]                         Lesko           Krosno                  Poland

Berezky, see Berezki

Berezna, see Berezove

Bereznek, see Bereznyky

Bereznica Nizna [P] Bereznycja Nyznja [U]
        ceased to exist in 1947                 Lesko           Krosno                  Poland

Bereznica Wyzna [P], Bereznycja [Ru]
        Bereznycja Vyznja [U]                   Lesko           Krosno                  Poland

Bereznycja, see Beresnica Wyzna

Bereznycja Nyznja, see Bereznica Nizna

Bereznycja Vyznja, see Bereznica Wyzna

Bereznyk, see Bereznyky

Bereznyky [U], Bereznek [H], Bereznyk {Ru]      Maramaros       Svaljava                Ukraine

Berezocz, see Brezovec

Berezoka, see Brezovka

Berezova, see Brzezowa

Berezove [U] Berezna [H] Berezovo [Ru]          Maramaros       Chust                   Ukraine

Berezovec', Zemplin District, see Brezovec

Berezovec/Berezovec', Lesko District, see Brzozowiec

Berezovo, see Berezove

Berezowiec, see Brzozowiec

Berkasovo - 655 Rusyns (33% of population)      Szerem                                  Vojvodina

Berkenyed, see Jarabina

Berlebas, see Kostylivka

Besko [P] Bos'ko [Ru, U]                        Sanok           Krosno                  Poland

Biala Woda [P] Bila Voda [Ru. U]                Nowy Targ       Nowy Sacz               Poland

Bielanka [P] Bilanka [Ru] Biljanka [U]          Gorlice         Nowy Sacz               Poland

Bieliczna [P] Bilicna [Ru] Bylycna [U]
        ceased to exist in 1947                 Grybow          Nowy Sacz               Poland

Biharo, see Becherov

Bila Voda, see Biala Woda

Bilanka, see Bielanka

Bilasovycja [Ru, U] Bagolyhaza [H]              Bereg           Volovec'                Ukraine

Bil'vareva, see Binczarowa

Bilicna, see Bieliczna

Bilin, see Bilyn

Biljanka, see Bielanka

Bilke, see Bilky

Bilky [Ru, U] Bilke [H]                         Bereg           Irsava                  Ukraine

Bilovarci [U] Bilovarec' [Ru]
        Kiskirva [H]                            Maramaros       Tjaciv                  Ukraine

Bilovarec', see Bilovarci

Biloveza, see Beloveza

Bilyj Potok, see Dliove

Bilyn [Ru, U], Bilin [H]                        Maramaros       Rachiv                  Ukraine

Binczarowa [P], Bil'careva [U]
        Bolcarjova/Borcalova [Ru]               Grybow          Nowy Sacz               Poland

Bistra [U], Bystryj [Ru], Petrovabisztra [H]    Maramaros       Maramures               Romania

Blazov [Sv], Balazsvagas [H], Blaziv [Ru, U] 
        ceased to exist in 1950                 Saros           Presov                  Slovakia

Blechnarka [P], Bilchnarka [Ru. U]              Gorlice         Nowy Sacz               Poland

Blichnarka, see Blechnarka

Bobovysce [U], Bobovysci [Ru], Borhalom [H]     Bereg           Mukacevo                Ukraine

Bochivka, see Borgowka

Bociocoiu [Ro] Bockov [Ru], Byckiv [U]  
        Nagybocsko [H]                          Maramaros       Maramures               Romania

Bockov see Bociocoiu

Bodaki [P], Bodaky [Ru, U]                      Gorlice         Nowy Sacz               Poland

Bodaky see Bodaki

Bodnarka see Bednarka

Bodruzal' [Sv], Bodruzal [Ru, U], Rozsadomb [H] Saros           Svidnik                 Slovakia

Bodzas see Bzany

Bogdany see Bohdan

Boglarka see Bogliarka

Bogliarka [Sv], Boglarka [H, Ru]
        Bohljarka [U]                           Saros           Bardejov                Slovakia

Bogusza [P], Bogusa [Ru], Bohusa [U]            Grybow          Nowy Sacz               Poland

Boharevycja [U], Boharovycja [Ru]
        Falucska [H]                            Bereg           Irsava                  Ukraine

Bohdan [Ru, U], Bogdany/Tizabogdany [H]         Maramaros       Rachiv                  Ukraine

Bohusa see Bogusza

Boksa [Ru, Sv, U]                               Zemplen         Svidnik                 Slovakia

Bolcarjova see Binczarowa

Bolcsos see Kolibabovce

Bonarivka see Bonarowka

Bonarowka [P], Bonarivka [U]                    Rzeszow         Rzeszow                 Poland

Borcalova see Binczarowa

Borgowka [P], Belchivka [U], Belchowka [P]
        Bochivka [Ru], cesed to exist in 1947   Sanok           Krosno                  Poland

Borhalom see Bobovysce

Borkut see Kvasy

Boro see Borov

Borod see Brid

Borodivka [U], Barbovo [Ru], Bardhaza [H]       Bereg           Mukacevo                Ukraine

Borokas see Jedlinka

Borosnya see Brusnica

Borov [Sv], Boro [H], Boriv [Ru, U
        since 1970 part of Medzilaborce

Borsucyna [Ru, U], Borzfalva [H]                Bereg           Volovec                 Ukraine

Bortne see Bartne

Borzavs'ke [U], Nagycsongova [H]
        Velyka Cengava [Ru], Velyka Cynhava [U] Ugocsa          Vynohradiv              Ukraine

Borzfalva see Borsucyna

Bos'ko see Besko

Brestiv [U], Brestov [Ru], Ormod [H]            Bereg           Mukacevo                Ukraine

Brestov see Brestiv

Brestov nad Laborcom [Sv], Berestiu [Ru]
        Berestiv [U], Laborczber [H]            Zemplin         Humenne                 Slovakia

Breznicka [Ru, Sv], Breznycka [U]
        Kisberezsnye [H]                        Zemplin         Svidnik                 Slovakia

Brezovec [Sv], Berezocz [H], Berezovec [U]      Zemplin         Humenne                 Slovakia

Brezovka [Sv], Berezoka [H]                     Saros           Bardejov                Slovakia

Brid [U], Borod [H], Brod [Ru]                  Bereg           Irsava                  Ukraine

Brod see Brid

Brunarja Nyznja see Brunary Nizne

Brunarja Vysnja see Brunary Wyzne

Brunary Nizne [P], Brunarja Nyznja [Ru]
        Brunary Nyzni [U]                       Grybow          Nowy Sacz               Poland

Brunary Wyzne [P], Brunarja Vysnja [Ru]
        Brunary Vyzni [U]                       Grybow          Nowy Sacz               Poland

Brusnica [Ru, Sv], Borosnya [H]
        Brusnycja [U], Brusnyicza [H]           Zemplen         Svidnik                 Slovakia

Brusnycja see Brusnica

Brusnyicza see Brusnica

Brustov [Ru, U], Lombos [H]                     Bereg           Svaljava                Ukraine

Brustury see Lopuchiv

Brusztura see Lopuchiv

Brzegi Gorne [P], Berehy Gorne [P]
        Berehy Horisni [U]                      Lesko           Krosno                  Poland

Brezova see Brzezowa

Brzezowa [P] Berezova [Ru, U] Brezova [Ru]      Jaslo           Krosno                  Poland

Brzozka see Berezka

Brzozowiec [P] Berezovec [Ru]
        Berezovec' [U] Berezowiec [P]           Lesko           Krosno                  Poland

Buk [P, U]                                      Lesko           Krosno                  Poland

Bukivceve [U] Bukovc'ova [Ru]
        Bukkos/Ungbukkos [H]                    Ung             Velykyj Bereznyj        Ukraine

Bukivci see Bukovce

Bukkos, Bereg County see Bukovynka

Bukkos, Ung County see Bukivceve

Bukkospatak see Bukovec' Maramaros County

Bukocz see Bukovec', Bereg County

Bukovce [Sv] Bukivci [U]                        Zemplen         Svidnik                 Slovakia

Bukovc'ova see Bukivceve

Bukovec' [Ru, U] Beregbardos/Bukocz [H]         Bereg           Volovec'                Ukraine

Bukovec' [Ru, U] Bukkospatak [H]                Maramaros       Mizhirja                Ukraine

Bukovec', Lesko County see Bukowiec

Bukovec', Turka County see Bukowiec

Bukovynka [Ru, U] Beregbukkos/Bukkos [H]        Bereg           Mukachevo               Ukraine

Bukowiec [P], Bukovec' [U]
        ceased to exist in 1947                 Lesko           Krosno                  Poland

Bukowiec [P] Bukovec' [U]                       Turka           Krosno                  Poland

Bustyahaza see Bustyna

Bustyna [U] Bustyahaza [H] Buzcyno [Ru]         Maramaros       Tjaciv                  Ukraine

Byckiv see Bocicoiu

Bylycna see Bieliczna

Bystra [Sv] Bystra [Ru]
        Hegyesbisztra/Sztropkobisztra [H]       Zemplen         Svidnik                 Slovakia

Bystre [P, U] Bystryj [Ru]                      Lesko           Krosno                  Poland

Bystrycja [U] Repede [H] Rjapid [Ru]            Bereg           Mukacevo                Ukraine

Bystryj [U] Bystryj [Ru] Sebesfalva [H]         Bereg           Volovec'                Ukraine

Bystryj, Lesko County see Bystre

Bystryj, Maramaros County see Bistra

Bystryj, Ung County see Verchovyna-Bystra

Bzany [Sv, U] Bodzas [H] Bzany [Ru]             Zemplen         Svidnik                 Slovakia


                                                county or       Present
                                                Galician        administrative  Present
Village                                         district        subdivision     country


Cabalivci see Cabalovce

Cabalovce [Sv} Cabalivci [Ru, U]
        Csabalocz es Sterkocz [H]               Zemplen         Humenne         Slovakia

Cabiny [Sv] Cabyny [U]                          Zemplen         Medzilaborce    Slovakia

Cabyny see Cabiny

Capovci see Copivici

Carna see Czarna

Carna Voda see Czarna Woda

Carne  see Czarne

Carnyj see Czarne

Caryns'ke see Carynskie

Carynskie [P] Caryns'ke [U]
        cesed to exist in 1947                  Lesko           Krosno          Poland

Casyn see Czaszyn
Cejsyn see Czaszyn

Cerejivci [U] Cerejovci [Ru] Czerhaz [H]        Bereg           Mukacevo        Ukraine

Cerejovce see Cerejivci
Ceremcha see Czeremcha

Cernina [Sv]  Cernyna [U]  Cernyny [Ru]         Saros           Svidnik         Slovakia
        Czernina / Felsocsernye

Cernyna see Cernina
Cernyny see Cernina
Certez, Sanok district see Czertez
Certez, Ung county see Certez
Certiz, Sanok district see Czertez

Certiz [U] Certez [Ru] Czertesz / Ungczertesz [H]       Ung             Uzhorod         Ukraine

Certizne [Sv] Certizne[Ru, U                            Zemplen         Humenne         Slovakia
        Csertesz / Nagycsertesz [H]

Certyzne see Czertyzne

Cerveneve [U]  Cerven'ovo [Ru] Czerleno [H]             Bereg           Mukacevo        Ukraine

Cerven'ovo see Cerveneve
Cesyn see Czaszyn

Chabanivka [U]  Bacovo [Ru]  Basco [H]                  Ung             Uzhorod         Ukraine

Chlumec'  see Cholmec'

Chmel'ova [Sv]  Chmel'ova [Ru, U]                       Saros           Bardejov        Slovakia
        Komlosa / Komlospatak [H]

Chmil'nyk [Ru, U]  Komlos [H]  Komlus [Ru]              Bereg           Irsava          Ukraine

Chocen [P]  Chotin [U]                                  Lesko           Krosno          Poland
        ceased to exist in 1947

Cholmec' [U]  Chlumec' [Ru]  Homlocz [H]                Ugosca          Vynohradiv      Ukraine

Chon'kivci see Chonkovce

Chonkovce [Sv]  Alsohunkocz [H]                         Ung             Michalovce      Slovakia
        Chon'kivci [U]  Hunkocz [H]

Choyin' see Chocen

Chudl'ove [U]  Chudl'ovo [Ru]  Horlyo [H]               Ung             Uzhorod         Ukraine

Chudl'ovo see Chudl'ove

Chust [Ru, U]  Huszt [H]                                Maramaros       Chust           Ukraine

Chyrowa [P]  Hyrova [Ru, U]  Hyrowa [P]                 Krosno          Krosno          Poland

Chyza [U]  Chyzi [Ru]  Kistarna / Tarna [H]             Ugosca          Vynohradiv      Ukraine

Chyzi see Chyza
Cichania  see Ciechania

Ciechania [P]  Cichania [p]  Tychanja [Ru, U]           Krosno          Krosno          Poland
                cesed to exist in 1947

Cigel'ka [Sv]  Cigolka [Ru]  Cyhelka [U]                Saros           Bardejov        Slovakia

Cigla [Ru, Sv]  Cyhlja [U]  Czigla [H]                  Saros           Svidnik         Slovakia

Cinjad'ovo see Cynadijeve

Circ [Ru, Sv] Csercs [H]; Cyrc [U]              Saros           Stara L'ubovna  Slovakia

Cisna [P] Tisna [Ru, U]                         Lesko           Krosno          Poland

Cisowiec [P] Tysovec [Ru]: Tysivec [U]          Lesko           Krosno          Poland

Coma [Ru, U] Cuma [Ru]                          Ugocsa          Berehovo        Ukraine

Comal'ovo, see Cumaleve

Copivci [U] Capovcj [Ru]; Csapolcz [H]          Bereg           Mukacevo        Ukraine

Corna [Ru. U] Csamato/Csomafalva [H]            Ugocsa          Vynohradiv      Ukraine

Corna Voda see Czama Woda
Corne. Gorlice county, see Czarne
Corne, Saros county, see Sarisske Cierne

Cornoholova [Ru. U] Sohat [H]                   Ung             Velykyj Bereznyj  Ukraine

Cornorky, see Czarnorzeki

Cornyj Potik [U] Cornyj Potok [Ru];             Bereg           Irsava          Ukraine
        Kenezpatak [H]

Craciunesti, see p. 112
Csabahdza. see Cabalovce
Csabalocz Cs Sterkocz. see Cabalovce
Csapolcz, see Copovci
Csamato, see Corna
Csarno, see Sarisske Cierne
Csendes, see Tysiv
Csendespatak, see Tichy Potok
Csercs, see Circ.
Cseres, see Dubova
Csergozavod, see Zavadka. Saros county
Cserhalom. see Dibrivka, Bereg county
Cserjes, see Lozjans'kyj
Csertesz, Ung county. see Certiz
Csertesz. Zemplen county see Certizne
Csillagfalva, see Knjahynja
Csomafalva. see Corna
Csomanfalva, see Cumaleve
Csontos, see Kostryna
Csukahaza, see Cukalovce
Csuszka, see Tjuska
Cukalivci, see Cukalovce

Cukalovce [Sv] Csukahaza [H];                   Zemplen         Humenne         Slovakia
        Cukalivci [Ru. U])

Cuma. see Coma

Cumaleve [U] Comal'ovo [Ru];                    Maramaros       Tjaciv          Ukraine
        Csomanfalva [HI)

Cyganovci, see Cyhanivci

Cyhanivci [U] Cyganovci [Ru]:                   Ung             Uzhorod         Ukraine
        Cziganyos [H]

Cyhelka, see Cigel'ka
Cyhlja. see Cigla

Cynadijeve [U] Beregszentmiklos [H];            Bereg           Mukacevo        Ukraine
        Cinjad'ovo [Ru]; Szentmiklos [H])

Cyrc, see Circ.
Cyrna. see Czyrna
Cystohorb, see Gorna Wies

Czarna [P] Carna [Ru, U]                        Grybów          Nowy Sacz       Poland

Czarna Woda [P] Carna Voda [Ru];                Nowy Targ       Nowy Sacz       Poland
        Corna Voda [U]

Czarne [P] Carne/Carnyj [Ru]:                   Gorlice         Nowy Sacz       Poland
        Corne [Ru. U]   

Czarnorzeki [P] Cornoky [U]                     Krosno          Krosno          Poland

Czaszyn [P] Casyn [U]; Cejsyn/                  Sanok           Krosno          Poland
        Cesyn [Ru] 

Czeremcha [P] Ceremcha [Ru, U]                  Sanok           Krosno          Poland
        (ceased to exist after 1947)

Czerhaz, see Cerejivci
Czerleno, see Cerveneve
Czernina, see Cernina

Czertez [P] Certez [U]; Certiz [Ru]             Sanok           Krosno          Poland

Czertyzne [P] Certyzne [Ru. U]                  Grybow          Nowy Sacz       Poland

Cziganyos, see Cyhanivci
Czigelka, see Cigel'ka
Czigla, see Cigla
Czirokaofalu, see Starina, Zemplen county

Czyrna [P] Cyrna [Ru. U]                        Grybów          Nowy Sacz       Poland

Czystogarb/Czystohorb see Gorna Wies


                                                county or       Present
                                                Galician        administrative  Present
Village                                         district        subdivision     country


Dabrowka Ruska [P] Dubrivka [Ru];               Sanok           Krosno          Poland
         Dubrivka Rus'ka [U]

Dadatfalva. see Dedacov

Daliowa [P] Dalova [Ru]; Dal'ova [U]            Sanok           Krosno          Poland

Dalova/Dal'ova, see Daliowa

Danylove [U] Danylovo [Ru]; Husztofalva [H]     Maramaros       Chust           Ukraine

Danylovo, see Danylove

Dara [Ru, Sv, U]                                Zemplen         Humenne         Slovakia
        (since 1980 ceased to exist

Dariv. see Darow
Darocz, see Dravci
Darov, see Darow

Darow [P] Dariv [Ru, U]; Darov [Ru]             Sanok           Krosno          Poland
         (ceased to exist after 1947)

Darva, see Kolodne, Maramaros county

Davidfalva, see Zavydove

Davidov [Sv] Davidvagasa [H];                   Zemplen         Vranov          Slovakia
         Davydiv [Ru]; Davydiv [U]

Davidvagasa, see Davidov
Davydiv/Davydiv, see Davidov

Dedacov [Sv] Dadafalva/Dedasocz [H];            Zemplen         Humenne         Slovakia
        Didaciv [Ru]; Dydaciv [U])

Dedasocz, see Dedacov
Denglaz see Denkovci

Denkovci [Ru] (Denglaz [H]).
  since 1920 part of Velykyi Lazy

Der see Mrazovce
Deskofalva, see Deskovycja

Deskovycja [Ru, U] Deskofalva [H]               Bereg           Irsava          Ukraine

Desno, see Deszno

Desznica [P] Dosnycja [Ru, U]                   Jaslo           Krosno          Poland

Deszno [P] Desno [Ru]: Dosno [U]                Sanok           Krosno          Poland

Detre, see Detrik

Detrik [Sv] Detre [H]; Detryk [Ru. U]           Zemplen         Vranov          Slovakia

Detryk see Detrik

Dibrivka [U] Cserhalom [H]: Dubrovka and        Bereg           Irsava          Ukraine
        Borzavoju [Ru]; Tolgyes [H]

Dibrivka [U] Dubrovka [Ru];                     Ung             Uzhorod         Ukraine
        Ungtolgyes [H]

Dibrova, see p. 112
Didaciv, see Dedacov

Dilok [Ru, U] Beregpapfalva / Papfalva [H]      Bereg           Mukacevo        Ukraine

Dilok [Ru, U]                                   Maramaros       Chust           Ukraine

Dilove [U] Bilyj Potok [Ru]; Fejerpatak         Maramaros       Rachiv          Ukraine
        Terebesfejerpatak [H]; Trebusany [Ru]

Diskovycja, see Dyskovycja

Djurd'ov, see Djurdjevo. p. 112
Djurdjevo, see p. 112
Dlhona [Sv] Dohun' [U]: Dolgonya [H]            Saros           Svidnik         Slovakia

Dlugie [P] Dovhe [Ru. U]; Dovhy [Ru]            Gorlice         Nowy Sacz       Poland
        (ceased to exist after 1947)

Dobrians'ke [U] Njagovo [Ru]; Nyagova [H]       Maramaros       Tjaciv          Ukraine

Dobroslava [Ru, Sv, U] Dobroszlo [H]            Saros           Svidnik         Slovakia

Dobroszlo. see Dobroslava
Dohun', see Dlhona
Dolgonya, see Dlhona
Dolha, see Dovhe

Dolina [P] Dolyna [U]                           Sanok           Krosno          Poland

Dolyna, see Dolina

Dolzyca [P] Dolzycja [U]; Dovzycja [Ru, U]      Sanok           Krosno          Poland

Dolzyca [P] Dolzyce [P]; Dolzycja [Ru. U];      Lesko           Krosno          Poland
        Dovzycja [U]

Dolzyce, see Dolzyca, Lesko district
Dolzycja, see Dolzyca, Lesko district;
 Sanok district
Domafalva see Domasyn

Domanynci [Ru. U] Alsodomomya [H]               Ung             Uzhorod         Ukraine

Domasyn [Ru, U] Domafalva [H]                   Ung             Velykyj Bereznyj  Ukraine

Dombo, see Dubove
Dombostelek, see Ploske

Dorobratove [U] Bartfalva [H];                  Bereg           Irsava          Ukraine
        Dorohbratovo [Ru]; Dragabartfalva [H]

Dorohbratovo, see Dorobratove
Dosno, see Deszno
Dosnycja, see Desznica
Dovhe. Gorlice county, see Dlugie

Dovhe [U] Dovhoje [Ru]; Dolha [H]               Bereg           Svaljava        Ukraine

Dovhe [U] (Dovhoje Ru];                         Ung             Uzhorod         Ukraine
        Hosszumezo/Unghosszumezo [H]

Dovhoje, see Dovhe, Bereg county; Ung county
Dovhy, see Dlugie
Dovzycja. see Dolzyca, Lesko district; Sanok district
Dragabartfalva, see Dorobratove

Drahove [U] Drahovo [Ru]; Kovesliget/           Maramaros       Chust           Ukraine
         Liget [H]

Drahovo, see Drahove

Dravci [Ru, U] Darocz/Ungdarocz [H]             Ung             Uzhorod         Ukraine

Driecna [Sv, U], since 1961 part of Vladica

Drienica [Sv] Felsosom [H]; Drijenica           Saros           Presov          Slovakia
        [Ru. U]; Som [H]; Soma [Ru]

Drijenicja, see Drienica

Drotynci [U] Sirma [Ru];                        Ugocsa           Vynohradiv     Ukraine
 Tiszaszirma [H])

Drugetaza see Zariceve

Dubne [P. Ru, U]                                Nowy Sacz       Nowy Sacz       Poland

Dubova [Sv] Cseres [H]; Dubova [Ru. U]          Saros           Svidnik         Slovakia

Dubove [Ru, U] (Dombo [H]                       Maramaros       Tjaciv          Ukraine

Dubrava [Sv] Dubrova [Ru. U];                   Zemplen         Humenne         Slovakia
        KistoIgyes [H]

Dubrivka. see Dabrowka Ruska
Dubrivka Rus'ka, see Dabrowka Ruska
Dubrova, see Dubrava
Dubrovka, see Dibrivka, Ung county
Dubrovka nad Borzavoju, see  Dubrivka, Bereg county

Dubrynyc [U] Dubrynyci [Ru];                    Ung             Perecyn         Ukraine
        Bercsenyifalva [H]

Dubrynyci, see Dubrynyc.
Dudynice, see Szybistow
Dudynci. see Szybistow
Dulfalva see Dulove

Dulove: [U] Dulfalva [H]; Dulovo [Ru]           Maramaros       Tjaciv          Ukraine

Dulovo, see Dulove
Dunkofalva. see Obava

Dunkovycja [Ru, U] Nyireslufalu [H]             Bereg           Irsava          Ukraine

Dusatyn, see Duszatyn

Duplin [Sv] Banyafolgy [H];                     Saros           Svidnik         Slovakia
        Duplyn [Ru, U]

Duplyn, see Duplin

Dusyna [Ru, U] Zajgo [H]                        Bereg           Svaljava        Ukraine

Duszatyn [P] Dusatyn [U]                        Sanok           Krosno          Poland

Dvernyk, see Dwernik

Dwernik, [P] Dvernyk [U]                        Lesko           Krosno          Poland

Dydaciv, see Dedacov

Dyskovycja [U] Diskovycja [Ru]                  Bereg           Svaljava        Ukraine
         Kisvadas / Vadas [H]

Dziurdziow [P] Dzjurdziv [Ru. U];               Lesko           Krosno          Poland
         Zurdziv [Ru]

Dzjurdziv, see Dziurdziow
Dzvynjam Horne, see Dzwiniacz Gorny

Dzwiniacz Gorny [P] Dzvynjam Horne [U]          Turka           Krosno          Poland
        (ceased to exist after 1945)

Dzyndranova, see Zyndranowa


                                                county or       Present
                                                Galician        administrative  Present
Village                                         district        subdivision     country


Egres. see Olesnyk
Egreshat, see Vil'synky
Endrevagasa, see Andrejova.
Eralja, see Inovce
Erdoludas, see Husnyj
Erdopatak, see Lisarnja
Erfalu see Potocky
Esztebnek, see Stebnik
Eszterag. see Strycava


                                                county or       Present
                                                Galician        administrative  Present
Village                                         district        subdivision     country


Fagyalos, see Medvedivci
Falkus, see Falkusovce
Falkusivci, see Falkusovce

Falkusovce [Sv] Falkus [H];                     Zemplen         Michalovce      Slovakia
        Falkusivci [U]

Falucska, see Boharevycja
Fedelesfalva, see Fedelesovci

Fedelesovci [Ru, U] Fedelesfalva [H]            Bereg           Mukacevo        Ukraine

Fejerpatak, see Dilove
Feketekut. see Sambron
Felsoalmad, see Vysna Jablonka
Felsoapsa, see Verchnje Vodjane
Felsocsebeny, see Vysne Cabiny
Felsocsernye. see Cernina
Felsodomonya, see Onokivci, p. 113
Felsofenyves, see Vysna Jedl'ova
Felsofricske, see Fricka
Felsogereben, see Verrchnja Hrabivnycja
Felsohalas, see Vysna Rybnica
Felsohatarszeg. see Vysna Roztoka
Felsohidegpatak, see Verchnij Studenyj
Felsohimes, see Vysna Pisana
Felsohunkocz, see Hunkovce
Felsojedlova, see Vysna Jedl'ova
Felsokalocsa, see Nehrovec'
Felsiikanya, see Sarisske Jastrabie
Felsokaraszlo, see Hreblja
Felsokazmer, see Rusky Kazimir
Felsokomarnok. see Vysny Komarnik
Felsokrucso. see Rusky Krucov
Felsoladacs. see Vladica
Felsoolsva. see Vysna Ol'sava
Felsomerse, see Vysny Mirosov
Felsonemeti, see Vysne Nemecke
Felsoodor/Felsoorlich. see Vysny Orlik
Felsopagony, see Vysna Polianka
Felsopasztely, see Roztoc'ka Pastil'
Felsopiszana, see Vysna Pisana
Felsopolyanka, sre Vysna Polianka
Felsorakocz, see Rakovcik
Felsoremete, see Verchni Remety
Felsoribnyicze, see Vysna Rybnica
Felsorona. see Rona de Sus
Felsosarad, see Syroke
Felsosom, see Drienica
Felsoszalank, see Vysnie Slovinky
Felsoszinever, see Synevyrs'ka Poljana
Felsoszlatina, see Verchnja Solotvyna
Felsoszlovinka, see Vysnie Slovinky
Felsoszvidinik see Vysni Svidnik
Felsotarocz, see Vysny Tvarozec
Felsotokaj, sre Tokajik
Felsovargony, see Vagrinec
Felsovereczke, sre Verchni Vorota
Felsoveresmart, see Velyka Kopanja
Felsoviso, see Viseul de Sus, p. i13
Felsovizkoz, see Vysni Svidnik
Felsoviznicze, see Verchnja Vyznycja
Felsovladicsa, see Vysna Vladica
Fenyvesvolgy, see Stavne
Fias, see Fijas

Fijas [Sv, Ru. U] Fias [H]                      Saros           Svidnik         Slovakia

Florinka, see Florynka

Florynka [P] Florinka [Ru]; Fl'orynka [U]       Grybow          Nowy Sacz       Poland

Fogaras, see Foharas

Foharas [U] Beregfogaras [H]; Fogaras [Ru]      Bereg           Mukacevo        Ukraine

Foljus. see Folusz
Folus, see Folusz

Folusz [P] Foljus [U]; Folus [Ru]               Jaslo           Krosno          Poland

Folvark/Folyvark. see Stranany

Forras. see Rodnykivka
Forrashuta. see Rodnykova Huta

Fricka [Sv] Felsofricske [H]:                   Saros           Bardejov        Slovakia
        Frycka [U]: Frycka [Ru]

Frumuseava [Ro] Krasna [U]:                     Maramaros       Maramures       Romania
         Petrovakraszna [H]

Frycka/Frycka, see Fricka
Fulopfalva, see Pylypec'


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