Subcarpathian Rus' Museum of Folk Architecture and Customs

in Uzhhorod

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Map Key:

  1. Main Center
  2. House from village of Orikhovycja, Uzh County, Uzhhorod District, end of 18th century.
  3. Well [no photo]
  4. Stable [no photo]
  5. House from village of Rakoshyn, Bereg County, Mukachevo District, 1869
  6. Grain storehouse from village of Ruskoje, Bereg County, Mukachevo District
  7. House from village of Steblivka (Saldobosh), Marmarosh County, Khust District
  8. Romanian house from village of Bedevlja, Marmarosh County, Tjachovo District, 1888
  9. Corn storehouse from villlage of Bedevlja, Marmarosh County, Tjachovo District
  10. Romanian house from village of Serednje Vodjane, Marmarosh County, Rakhov District
  11. Hungarian house from village of Vyshkovo, Marmarosh County, Khust District
  12. Hutsul house with enclosed garden from village of Stebnyj, Marmarosh County, Rakhov District
  13. Hutsul house from town of Jasinja, Marmarosh County, Rakhov District, mid 18th century
  14. Potato storage for wintertime [no photo]
  15. House from village of Husnyj, Uzh County, Velykyj Bereznyj District, 1st half of 19th century
  16. Wooden church from village of Shelestovo, Bereg County, Mukachevo District
  17. Chapel from village of Novoselycja, Marmarosh County, Mizhhirja Disatrict
  18. School from village of Synevyrs'ka Poljana (Vyshnyj Synyvyr), Marmarosh County, Mizhhirja District
  19. Tavern from Verkhnij Bystryj (Vyshnyj Bystryj), Marmarosh County, Mizhhirja District
  20. Step loom [no photo]
  21. Sluce from village of Pylypec', Marmarosh County, Mizhhirja District
  22. Water mill from village of Kolochava, Marmarosh County, Mizhhirja District
  23. Bojko house from village of Rekity, Marmarosh County, Mizhhirja District, beginning of 19th century
  24. Haystack [no photo]
  25. House from village of Tybava, Bereg County, Svaljava District, end of 18th century
  26. House from village of Huklyvyj, Bereg County, Volovec' District, 1st half of 19th century
  27. Blacksmith's workshop from village of Dubove, Marmarosh County, Tjachovo District
  28. House from town of Dovhoje, Bereg County, Svaljava District, 2nd half of 19th century
  29. Furnace [no photo]

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Lemko folk display from village of Zaricheva

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