After the Vistula Operation, Lemkos were resettled in villages in the former German territories of western and northern Poland. These were lands "recovered" from Germany by Poland after WW II.

The village of Okmiany in Silesia is one such resettlement village. Below are photos of a typical homestead Lemkos were placed in. The wooden furniture and wood burning stove were left behind by the original German settlers when they were forcibly expelled in 1947. The Lemkos "inherited" this abandoned furniture and the photos below are an interesting study of farm life among older Lemkos. This lifestyle is fast disappearing. This was the homestead of Susyn Mihalsky's grandmother who sold the farm shortly after the death of her husband (Susyn's grandfather).

      Main street in Okmiany

      The farm house


      The farmyard

Location in present day Poland

      Wood burning stove

      Sample of wooden furniture

Some more photos of the homeland

Nice winter shot of the Tatra region in winter

    Foundation of a former Lemko barn, burned in 1947
    The village of Bila Voda

    Unknown village

      Unknown village

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