Adjustment to a new home

Several years ago an elderly Lemko resident of the village of Uvisla (Ternopil' district) gave an account of Lemko life in the village.

We used to live separate lives, estranged from the rest, after moving here after the war. Time has changed all that. Among the deputies of the village council, Lemkos are in the majority. The principal of the school is a Lemko, so is the head of the collective farm board, the head agronomist, the head engineer. All are Lemkos. Lemkos don't feel restricted anymore. They have the right to an education, for example....

In the days of my youth, it was a rare thing for a Lemko older than thirty to be able to read. None of them joined the library, or subscribed to the newspapers. None of them had books of their own. Today when everyone gets a free education, the village boys and girls for a number of years have matriculated from secondary or high school. If they want to continue their education at a university or other higher institute or technical college, they can go right ahead. Every third resident in our village continues his education after matriculating.

[During the interview, night was falling and music was heard:] Those are the real 'disturbers'.' Till late at night the rehearsals of the ethnographic amateur group kept on.160

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