The Name "Lemko"

The legend of how this name appeared is that other Carpathian Rusyns (Eastern Slavs) called this group "Lemko" because instead of using the word "lysh" to mean "only, they say "lem" and use it quite frequently. In former times, if asked if they were Lemkos, they would say, "We are Rusyns...(or Rusnaks) the Lemkos live somewhere among the Bojkos."33 This can be partially explained by the fact that the word "lem" is found in some other Carpathian Rusyn dialects, though not in the Bojko dialect; nevertheless, the name was mostly used only by ethnographers. At the beginning of the 20th century, the name evoloveed from an ethnographic identifier to the equal of "Rusyn" or "Rusnak" as the people's self-identification (much the same as the Rusyns of Eastern Galicia were adopting the name "Ukrainian").

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