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Lisko District, present day SE Poland

Lemko Surnames cited by Krasovs'kyj from 1787 Austrian Cadastral Records

Parish Data: [from Blazejowskyj and Iwanusiw]

Church was "Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary" [1925] [destroyed]

This wooden church replaced an older wooden church that was newly built in 1899. There was an even older church. There was also a chapel "Deposition of the Vestments of the Blessed Virgin Mary, built in 1873 - nothing remains

The village was filial to RAJS'KE 4km away

In 1785 the village lands comprised 7.92 sq km. There were 130 Greek Catholics 6 Roman Catholics and 6 Jews

1840 - 197 Greek Catholics

1859 - 198 Greek Catholics

1879 - 203 Greek Catholics

1899 - 250 Greek Catholics

1926 - 325 Greek Catholics

1936 - 290 Greek Catholics

The village was not incorporated in to the Lemko Apostolic Administration in 1934

LDS microfilm is not available