Kolonytsi [Ru] Kolonice[Polish]

Lisko District, present day SE Poland

Lemko Surnames found by Krasovs'kyj in 1787 Austrian Cadastral Records

cited in master data as having 161 surnames but none are listed in data?

Parish Data:

The church was "Saint Michael" [1932] [destroyed]

The wooden church replaced an older wooden church erected in 1815. It was dismantled by Polish settlers after 1947 - only a foundation and a toppled church cross remain.

The village was a filial parish to JABLINKY 4km away

In 1785 the village lands comprised 12.44 sq km. There were 140 Greek Catholics 5 Roman Catholics and 6 Jews

1840 - 215 Greek Catholics

1859 - 142 Greek Catholics

1879 -180 Greek Catholics

1899 - 249 Greek Catholics

1926 - 214 Greek Catholics

1936 - 248 Greek Catholics

The village was not incorporated in to the Lemko Apostolic Administration in 1934

LDS microfilm not available