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The images on this tour come from a variety of sources.
Some were taken by Carpatho-Rusyn Society members during our recent tour, others were supplied by the Skansen in Zyndranova and still others come from the Lemko publication "Zahoroda" edited by Vladyslav Hraban.

All images are copyright protected by the respective photographers and are identified as such. No usage without written permission from the photographer is allowed.

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Exterior view of St. Nicholas Church in Zyndranova
Erected in 1984, this is the first church
to be erected since the 1947 Ackja Wisla

Interior of St. Nicholas showing the icon screen
some of the icons were rescued from destroyed villages

The Holy Table
in the tabernacle area

Icon of Saint Nicholas, patron saint of the Lemko people,
depicted blessing a Lemko couple in traditional dress
date unknown

Special Thanks goes to Rich Custer - C-RS for
sharing the photos on this page.
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Richard D. Custer,
The Carpatho-Rusyn Knowledge Base

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