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"From the oldest to the youngest
Respect your native language
While we've lost everything
Only our language has remained"

Lemko Index Navigation
  1. Lemko Heritage - Lemko Garments
  2. Jaroslav Kaczmarczyk - Courtesy of Bohdan Horbal (C-RA)
  3. Metodyj Trochanovskij' - Courtesy of Bohdan Horbal (C-RA)
  4. Viktor Hladyk- Courtesy of Bohdan Horbal (C-RA)
  5. Articles From Karpatska Rus' - NEW!
  6. Military Cemetaries in the Lemko Region Link
  7. The Lemko Rusyn Republic (1918-1920) And Political Thought in Western Rus'- Ukraine
  8. Articles by Susyn Mihalasky
  9. Father Maksym Sandovych
  10. Images From the Homeland - courtesy of Bohdan Horbal
  11. Info on Folk Ensembles in the Homeland UPDATED
  12. Culture and Culture Evolution Among The Lemkos Of Southeastern Poland In The 20th Century - - by Richard D. Custer
  13. Nykyfor Drovnjak - Renowned Lemko Artist (C-RA)
  14. Ivan Rusenko - Lemko Poet (C-RA)
  15. The Lemko Rusyns: Their Past and Present (C-RA)
  16. A Village Museum and the Problems of Lemko Culture in Contemporary Poland (C-RA)
  17. Take a 1996 Virtual Tour of the Lemko Museum in Zyndranova (C-RKB)
  18. Traditional Lemko Domestic Architecture (C-RA)
  19. Icon Painting In the Lemko Region (C-RA)
  20. Lemko Genealogy Case Studies - Emphasizing Procedures & Pitfalls (Tom Peters)
  21. Lemko-Rusyns The Kurds of Central Europe (C-RA)
  22. Traditional Lemko Women's Clothing (C-RA)
  23. Volodymyr Chyljak (C-RA)


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