A hundred pages could be filled with the different Esster designs found in Subcarpathian Rus'. Examples of the sculptural ornamentation of Easter cakes and bread and the decorating of eggs with the help of wax are reproduced on pages 82, 83, 84 top and 86. Needless to say, the types shown here do not exhaust the large number of variations in the designs employed. Some of the Easter designs employ very old national reminiscences, for example baked Easter images of larks. The themes of the geometrical circle, the "fern" and the letter S, referred to in the embroidery sction, are often found on Easter bread and cakes but, generally speaking, their sculpture is much more naturalistic. Usually they adorn them with flowers, often reproduced down to the smallest botanical details, as a symbol of the flowering time of Easter.

Easter bread - Yasinya

Pysanky from Neresnytsya

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