Rusyn folk ensemble Oslaviany

Featured songs include:

1. "Flying Geese" - a Lemko melody

2. "The Mountain Pasture"

3. "Under the Stone Bridge" - a Transcarpathian song

4. "In the Village Mokre" - a Boiko variation

5. "The Green Hazel Tree" - a Boiko song

6. "The Boiko Girl" - Boiko folk dance

7. "It Doesn't Grind" - a Lemko song

8. "I Had A Suitor" - a Preshocv region song

9. "The Wedding Suite"

10. "When I Got Drafted" - a Lemko song

11. "The Lumberjacks" - a choreographic rendidtion based on folk motifs

12. "Oh Mother Dear" - a Lemko song

13. "Mother, Dear" - Lemko song featuring soloists: Anna Mykhalyk, Bohdan Krysyna, Bohdan Mashlyk, Bohdan Bilas, Yuriy Harhay, Dariy Onyshkanych

14. "I Won't Wander By Night" - Lemko song featuring soloist Dariy Onyshkanych

15. "The Sieve" - a folk dance

16. "The River Danube" - a Lemko song - duet featuring Iryna and Anna Makhalyk accompanied by Roman Dluhosh

17. "The Flute From The Mountain Pasture" - a Hutsul choreographic/vocal

18. "Bukovinian Nightengale" - a Moldavian Gypsy song featuring: Eduard Danchyshyn on violin, Roman Dluhosh on accordian, and Stanyslav Ostapenko on bass

19. "Oh Roman, Roman" - Galician song

20. "The Musicians" - Moldavian song

21. "I Was Born Lucky" - Podillian song featuring soloist Iryna Mykhalyk

22. "Horlytsia" - a folk dance

23. "The Grey Cukoo Has Sung" - Galician song - a duet by Iryna and Anna Mykhalyk. Accordian by Roman Dluhosh, violin by Eduard Danchyshyn

24. "Oh, Dear Godmother" - Galician song

25. "The Little Boots" - Galician song

26. "Vesnianka" - folk dance

27. "Blooming Bluebottles" - Galician song - accordian, Yaroslav Fudgak

28. "The Girls Ride To The Market" - Volhynian song

29. "I'll Walk To The Top Of The Meadow" - Galician song - soloist Dariy Onyshkanych

30. "The Red Guelder Rose" - Suite of folk songs

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