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Materials on Carpatho-Rusyn culture include several basic publications:

There are four different descriptions of Lemko wedding:

There is also a number of books containing scores and words of Rusyn folk songs:

Complementing these studies are works describing different aspects of Carpatho-Rusyn culture:

There are also several albums of paintings by recognized artists of Carpatho-Rusyn origin (or just born in or creating in the region). Among these are three different editions (1971, 1974, 1979) of works by Igor Grabar (1885-1960), along with two editions of his letters (covering periods: 1891-1917 and 1941-1960). The Library possesses not only a selection (in a form of an album) of paintings by Mihaly Munkacsy (1844-1900), St. Paul, 1981 and his partial biography by Joseph Kohnen, Munkacsy and Luxembourg, Luxembourg, 1984, but also several of Munkacys' paintings, including: Blind Milton dictating "Paradise Lost" to his daughters (oil on canvas, 1877) and his bust (bronze, 1878) by a French sculptor Louis Ernest Barrias (1841-1905). Among other albums there are: Adalbert Erdeli (1891-1955): [albom], Kyiv, 1972 and [Exhibition Catalog], Uzhhorod, 1994; Ernest Kontratovych (b.1912), [albom], Kyiv, 1973.

There is also: Izobrazytelnoe iskusstvo Zakarpatia. Zhivopis. Skulptura. Grafika. Monument. [albom] [Visual Art of the Transcarpathian Region, Paintings, Sculptures, Graphics, Monuments], Moscow, [1973], with an introduction by another recognized Carpatho-Rusyn artist Iosyp Bokshai (1891-1975). Some of his paintings were reproduced in Grigorii Semanovich Ostrovski, "Iosif Bokshai", in: Iskusstvo, I (Moscow, 1964), p.17-24 as well as in: Iosyp Bokshai, [Exhibition Catalog], Uzhhorod, 1994.

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