Rusyn Language Codified!

"We the official representatives of the national organization of Rusyns in Slovakia - the Rusyn Renaissance, who have assembled here in the capital city of our country, the Slovak Republic, Bratislava, before representatives of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, and guests from here and abroad, do hereby solemnly proclaim that starting today, our Rusyn language is declared a normative, codified language. Starting today, the Rusyn language becomes the literary language of Rusyns in Slovakia"(excerpt of the January 27, 1995 formal declaration of the completed codification of the Rusyn language in Slovakia in Bratislava)
This is a truly monumental event in the history of the Rusyn people. It means that in Slovakia the Rusyn language can now be formally taught in schools and can be used for radio and television programming (as the Backa" variant of Rusyn is already, among Rusyns in Serbi'a Vojvodina region). So far, these texts have been published: a book of orthographic and spelling rules; a Rusyn-Slovak-Ukrainian-Russian-Polish dictionary of grammatical terminology; and two elementary school textbooks - a primer (Bukvar') and reader (Citanka).

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Last modified on September 27 1997
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