Rusyns in Slovakia Host Minorities Congress

The Rusyn Renaissance Society (Rusyn’ska Obroda) hosted the Congress of the European Federation of National Minorities “Maisons de Pays” in Prešov, Slovakia on August 22 to 25. Fifteen nationalities were represented, such as Slovaks from Ukraine, Hungarians from Ukraine and Slovakia, Moldavians, Lusatian Sorbs from Germany, Roma (Gypsies) from Slovakia and Holland, and Rusyns from Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, and Poland. They discussed common problems experienced by minority groups in European countries. Federation officers include Vasyl' Turok-Heteš (Rusyn, Slovakia), Vice-President and Ivan Kryvs'kÿj (Rusyn, Ukraine), council member. Attendees were treated to many Rusyn cultural events: song and dance performances (the Prešov Greek Catholic Cathedral’s Old Slavonic Choir, Anna Servic'ka, and the “Zaruba,” “Labirèanka” and “Kamjana” ensembles), a performance of the play “Blood Wedding” in Rusyn by the Aleksander Duchnoviè Theatre, and tours of Rusyn institutions in northeast Slovakia, such as the Warhol Museum in Medžilaborci, the Museum of Rusyn and Ukrainian Culture in Svidnyk. They attended a Divine Liturgy in Slavonic in the Rusyn wooden church in Bodrudžal, met with Rusyn artists in Prešov, and also visited the Rusyn wooden church in Myrolja.

Hungary a Friend of Rusyns

Hungary has become the European country most favorable to Rusyns, even though they are surely one of the country’s smallest minority groups. Hungary now has a TV studio and programming for minorities, including Rusyns. A Scholarly Institute of Rusyns (established with the help of the Organization of Rusyns in Hungary) with departments of language, literature, education, architecture, music and art began work on January 1. Its projects include preparing a Rusyn bibliography and a Rusyn historical atlas.

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Last modified on September 27 1997
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