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Exhibits of Rusyn Art in Svydnyk

An exhibit of 12 amateur painters opened on April 6 under the name "Painted Svydnyk '95" in the exhibition halls of the War Museum. The exhibit of 80 works ran until April 21. Another exhibit, "Paintings of the Rusyn Ukrainians of Slovakia in the 20th Century", sponsored by the "Union of Rusyn-Ukrainians", opened at the Museum of Ukrainian-Rusyn Culture in Svydnyk.

Polish Government Recognizes Lemkos

April 28, Warsaw, Poland.

Andrij Kopca, president of the (pro-Rusyn-orientation) Society of Lemkos (Storvarysynja Lemkiv) met with Michal Jagiello, Polish Vice-Minister of Culture and Arts. Kopca was trying to get the same government recognition for Lemkos which other national minorities in Poland have. As a result of the meeting, Rusyn-oriented Lemkos have now received some financial support from the Polish government.

Gorlice Battle Commemorated

May 7, Gorlice, Poland

The week-long commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the 1915 Gorlice Battle concluded with festivities to which Orthodox and Greek Catholic priests were invited, and many local Lemkos attended as well. The bloody battle took place in the central part of the Lemko Region. Lemko-Rusyns were evacuated from some villages, but most lived amidst the fighting. In some places Russians were at one side of a Lemko village, and Germans on the other.

Annual Theatre Fest in Medzilaborci

Medzilaborci, Slovakia

The 3 day, 34th annual "Aleksander Duchnovyc Festival of Drama & the Artistic Word" began here at the Warhol Family Museum of Modern Art on May 10, sponsored by the "Union of Rusyn-Ukrainians of Slovakia". Seven dramatic ensembles from Slovakia performed, from Ublja (the ensemble "Barvinok"), Snina Stascyn, Medzilaborci (the high school puppet ensemble "Bocjanik"), Presov, Krajnja Poljana, and Kosice, as well as a guest ensemble from Uzhorod, Ukraine.

Lemkovyna Ensemble Back To Work

May 20, Gorlice Poland

The Lemkovyna Song and Dance Ensemble had its first practice in the newly regained "Ruska Bursa" [Rusyn College] school building in Gorlice. The members of the ensemble were very happy to be in the building, probably because it was constructed and maintained through the efforts of many of their grandparents.

Lemko Monument Society Meets

June 4, Gorlice, Poland

The Committee for Preservation of Monuments of Church Art and Material Culture of Lemkos (Komitet Ochorony Pamjatok Cerkovnoho Mystectva I Materijal'nych Nadban' Lemkiv) was organized and held its first meeting at the Ruska Bursa building. The pioneer in the movement to preserve Lemko cultural monuments, Igor Pyrc (from the village of Kvjaton') is the organizations first president. Every year more Lemko monuments are lost, especially in the areas where Lemkos no longer live. Government funds for their preservation (or at least cataloging) are very limited. This Committee wants to lead the way for their preservation.

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If you want to read more on what happened to these properties and why Lemkos no longer populate the region - be sure to visit the Vistula Operation section on the Carpatho-Rusyn Knowledge Base.

Ukraine's President Tours Transcarpathia

from: Narodna voija (Scranton, PA.) July 6, 1995

President Kuchma's two day working tour of Transcarpathia started on June 27 with an inspection of the way local authorities coping with the task of eliminating the consequences of the devastating December 1993 floods affecting the city of Uzhorod and the Perecyn district.

Mr. Kuchma paid a familiarization visit to the "Sunny Transcarpathia" trade-union sanatorium and the Karpaty rest-house.

Later in the day he visited the Elektrodvydun (electric motor) joint-stock group in Uzhorod, known for its "Maricka" and "Aurika" washing machines, electric motors for Audi cars, furniture and food-work.

Kuchma Marks 50th Anniversary of Transcarpathia's "Reunion with Ukraine"

from: Narodna voija (Scranton, PA.) July 13, 1995

On Wednesday, June 28, President Leonid Kuchma attended a solemn gathering dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Transcarpathia's reunion with Ukraine.

[In reality, it was NEVER part of Ukraine until 1945!]

Mr. Kuchma's speech at the meeting focused on the Ukrainian State's new economic policy and the government's program to materialize it.

He stressed, that even though the government's choice of tools to implement the economic policy is too limited, the society's preserved accord may ensure Ukraine's survival as an independent nation. Mr. Kuchma said that the region is the nation's mainstay and he is hopeful in its future prosperity, noting the Transcarpathian region's prominent role in making Ukraine and economically stable and prosperous nation.

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