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As you all know, we changed our original plans for handling membership renewals (we sent a separate mailing instead of handling it through the newsletter). In it we also reviewed our first year's accomplishments.

In preparing this months newsletter, I had my usual problems with space constraints, but even more than ever it is because there is just SO much going on in the Rusyn community! You'll notice that some recent events have not made it to this issue's news, and some of what is mentioned actually happened before our previous newsletter went to print. We want to report on everything, but there just is not enough room. So keep sending your letters, requests and questions in, though. We will get to them just as soon as we can. And DO let us know what's going on in your area - west coast, northeast, Florida, Midwest, wherever! We Rusyns are everywhere, so if nothing is happening where you are, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Meanwhile, to keep the excitement high, here is another little inspiring piece of prose I ran across. Members - PLEASE - if you have children or grandchildren, nieces or nephews, PLEASE try to get them interested in their Rusyn heritage. So many times I meet people, even in my own family, who say "I wish I had asked more questions [of my relatives] when I was younger, but I just wasn't interested then." The fact that you are interested in your heritage now is great - but will it stop there? Hopefully not! Do something NOW to make sure that the love for our heritage we have will be passed along (and hopefully strengthened!) to those who follow us. Building this interest within the family is the best way to do it.

"The interest in genealogy and family heritage found today can be an excellent opportunity to strengthen you family. An appreciation of the family heritage is invaluable for children and points to the family's roots, which often are not easily evident in today's rapidly changing world.

Invite grandparents or older relatives to your home for an evening of sharing memories. Have family members ask questions about special events, traditions and relatives the remember. Compare which traditions have remained within the family and which ones have been lost. Perhaps your family may revive some old or start some new family traditions!"

In this issue there is alarming news involving the ancestral villages in Slovakia of several C-RS members...Also we finally get to visit the Rusyn town of Ol'ka Slovakia (former Zemplin county). It's nearly a year ago that Ol'ka celebrated its 500th anniversary, and only now do we have room for the article and some photos; Thanks to Rusyn'ska Obroda in Presov for sending us the commemorative book on Ol'ka which has the photos in it! Anyway, quite a few of our members have roots there or near there, and I think everyone will enjoy the article.

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Last modified on September 27 1997
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