A Husband Turning Into A Wolf

The following Rusyn folk story was collected and translated by Elena Boudovskaya and is ©1996 by Elena Boudovskaya
Any unauthorized duplication or use is strictly forbidden.

There was a man and his wife, and somehow this man used to turn into a wolf. Well, she didn't know where her husband went, sometimes he was gone and then he was back again.

Once she went to a meadow to rake up hay and a wolf went running to her, and she tried to protect herself with the rake, but the wolf caught her dress and was pulling it and tore it, and she was beating it with the rake and chased the wolf away, and away it went.

Later (her husband) came, he had already turned into a man. He came and they sat down to have their lunch. She was looking at him (and saw that) he had a small piece of her dress hanging from between his teeth. How is it (possible)? When she told him about it, he went away and never returned, he turned into a wolf forever.

.......... Anastasyja Zavadiak, born 1905(?), Novoselycja, Mizhirja raion, Zakarpats'ka oblast',
recorded in winter 1987

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