A Husband Visiting From The Dead

The following Rusyn folk story was collected and translated by Elena Boudovskaya and is ©1996 by Elena Boudovskaya
Any unauthorized duplication or use is strictly forbidden.

(A man) died... and was buried... and the wife goes to sleep and he comes to her every night and he makes love to her as a living man. She is afraid and she doesn't know what to do. She goes to a priest and the priest prays... and she cannot help herself.

There were such wise people long ago, women or old women. They advise her: "You know, (such a wise woman) says, take a trough for kneading bread and", she says, "buy yourself a brand new candle, and light it and put it on the table and cover it with this trough, so that it cannot be seen, and dress yourself as beautifully as... when a bride is going to church, long ago she used to put on a white dress and girth herself with a red "piwka". And you should sit at the table and wait for him. She did so.

" And when", she says, "he comes, you should lift at once this trough, and you'll sit so well dressed and he will ask you: "Where are you going?"

"I am going for a wedding. "

"Where is this wedding?"

"There and there", she says, "a brother is marrying his sister, so there will be a wedding."

"Oh", he says, "who has ever heard about a brother marrying his sister?"

" Well, (she says), who has ever heard about a dead man coming to his wife?"

And then she blew down the candle and (went) forever... he didn't come to her any more.

.......... Anastasyja Zavadiak, born 1905(?), Novoselycja, Mizhirja raion, Zakarpats'ka oblast',
recorded in winter 1987

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